Lose You Now

Holding onto smoke

Running out of fuel

We're missing what we broke

and it goes on and on and on


Flame's going out

not keeping us warm

we've filled our heads with doubt

and it goes on and on and on


Come on baby I don't wanna stay 

But I don't wanna, I don't wanna lose you now

Come on baby, I don't wanna stay

But I don't wanna, I don't wanna lose you now

No I don't wanna lose you now


The silence screams at us

Begging us to break

But we're wordless just because 

We're too damn tired


There's nothing left to build here,

Can't get back what we lost my dear, oh

Lord knows that we've tried our best,

but I guess it's not enough





One Last Night

Oh darlin'

Here we are again

No turning back around this time

Watch the ashes fall

As we lose it all

Nothing left of yours or mine

Let the fire burn

As the earth turns

Hold me close, one last night with you.


Tell me all the things

You've held within

All this time, tell me babe.

Are you gonna break?

We'll stay awake

and keep the morning light at bay


Let the fire burn

as the earth turns

Hold me close one last night with you.

In the full moon light

There's no black and no white

Hold me close, one last night with you


We've packed our bags

Now say goodbye

But I still don't want to walk away

Tears on the floor,

We can't stay here anymore

Set flame to the plans we made


Don't hold back,
Don't hold back
the shadows hide the coming storm
Don't hold back,
Don't hold back
there's no winner to this war


You're better off

Without my love

It never was enough

But what's done is done

Now I feel the sun

Shining through to me now





Hold onto me like the sand and the sea my love

Lonely I'll be when you say farewell to me my love

Oh, my world is

the color of your eyes

Everything else that  I see

is just black and white


Wake me up with

the touch of your skin

and hold me through the night

Whisper into my ear that

every little thing is going to be alright

You are so strong

when I am weak

and you are so grounded

when I can't find my feet


Even though tonight

you're a thousand miles away

I can still hear your heart beat beating away

The open roads

and the light of the moon

don't give me quite the same comfort

as you do


Oh, these are promises I've made
Oh, won't you keep them in your hand
Fall into me like the sand and the sea,
My love
Call out to me when you're feeling lonely,
my love




Hey There

Hey there

I can't help but notice you in your

Wayfarers, hiding those baby blues

And when I catch your eyes holding that warm stare

I think something's telling me that love is in the air

I wanna be
the girl that makes you happy
and you could be
the one that drives me crazy
and we could be,
we could be
crazy happy in love


Can we just lay here

In the early morning sunlight

and we'll stay here

Forever if you'd like

I'll close my eyes but I don't want to fall asleep

I finally found that real life

is better than my dreams









"The Things I Know" copyright 2017 Molly Brulé



All songs written by Molly Brulé


Lose You Now, Band-Aids, One Last Night, Promises, Ticket West produced by Sean McLaughlin, 37' studios.


Dear Mom, Hey There, My Old Friend produced by Molly Brulé, mixed by Sean McLaughlin


Drums- Mike Levesque   Electric guitar- Dan King   Acoustic- Molly Brulé   Bass (electric) - Sean McLaughlin   Bass (upright) - Bryan Worley    Mandolin, Banjo, B3 - Chris "Gooch" Bloniarz   Violin - Eva Walsh   Background Vocals-  Amy Brulé,  Sarah Brulé Mendes


All songs mastered by:

Mastering engineer- Jeff Lipton, Peerless Mastering

Assistant mastering engineer- Maria Rice



Oh it's taken this long

To forget who's right and who's wrong

And though my tears dried many years ago

I was still left with this hole

They say time heals all things

And it's funny what time will bring

Band-aids over battle wounds

and now there's barely a scar


And I am finally able

to call you

my friend again


Forgive and try to forget

Rebuild without regrets,

There is something beautiful

Still under the rubble


And ohh, caught in the undertow

Oh, being thrown around

It's like coming up for air after you almost drown







Ticket West

I've always been bound by the things I know

And I'm wasting time

Staying here I cannot grow

Like a flower without light


Grab a one way ticket west,

I'm going somewhere new

Pack the car and leave the rest

As long as I'm with you

I'll be just fine
Set me free under the desert sky

or take me north to Portland

Not gonna stop so don't even try

The highway is wide open







Dear Mom

When you lay your head to rest

How will you look upon your life?

Do you wish for more time with your father?

Did you make a proud wife?

Will you hold your mothers hands

And tell her she is forgiven?

And I hope you're satisfied

with how you raised your children

Not everyone can do
What you've done
With a smile like that of the rising sun
And those you've healed
Are grateful for you,
for you.


When you're here

All the monsters disappear

And shadows return

to the shapes they were before

And when a storm blows through

You always dig your roots

deeper into the ground

to keep us safe and sound





My Old Friend

Hello again my old friend

I thought I had washed away all of your scent

But you found the crack inside of my dam

Found your way back into my head.


All along you've been inside me

Lying dormant, still as can be

You know how to crush all my hopes and my dreams

But then again, you look so easy


It's a long way, a long way down

I hear your, hear your sound

Echoing dropping me down the well

'till it's me, only me

only me


My bowl is empty but my will is strong

Though I'm having trouble holding on

You've always got the best of me

It's getting dark now, hard to see.


Walk the rope but don't look down

Hold the winds, hold your ground,

You can taste it on your tongue

Though this war cannot be won






© 2018 Molly Brulé

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